Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fun, fun, fun!

First off, I had so, so much fun taking these photos!! My sisters-in-law were visiting over the holiday weekend and it was a perfect time to snatch them and some friends to be models for me. And they were more than willing!By the time we got downtown we didn't have too much time before we lost light, but we managed to take advantage of it. I had a really hard time picking which photos to post - but I don't want to overload my Flickr account quite yet. Seriously, SO much fun and I couldn't have asked for better models. We must do it again sometime :)


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Emily - my gorgeous SIL! And, no, I didn't do anything to her eyes. They're that amazing.

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Elmwood Court said...

B the light in these is fantastic. Great clarity and composition!
p.s. a pro Flickr acount is only $20 a year and totally worth it.