Monday, July 26, 2010

Partners in Crime

Oh yes they truly are.I'm pretty sure my little one will be joining them in their mischievous acts any day now, that is if he hasn't already...
Two of my favorite little boys have birthdays this summer and I got to take their pictures this year. I cannot believe they are 5 and 7 now, makes me feel so old! Love you both - xoxo!!







Samantha said...

1. Love the hair. I think fohawks on boys are awesome.
2. What great pictures these are. I love the 1st one of them the most.

Kindred Spirit said...

They are 2 cool guys! LOL, darling son is 7 & ventured into the realm of fohawks this summer!

Adri said...

Gotta love wrangling boys in for picture time... these shots turned out great, you just need to work on a way to get them to smile without the cheeseball grin ;)