Sunday, January 2, 2011

Memories, dreams, and reflections

It's a new year and I'm ready to get back on track with Scavenger Hunt Sunday. Somewhere in the last couple months I got super busy and even though I wanted to keep up with the weekly challenges, it just didn't happen. This is the perfect time to start back up and reflect on the past year.
I've come a long way since this time last year, I finally started shooting in manual consistently (no more auto!), started taking MANY more photos, started practicing on family and friends, and decided to give the pro thing a shot and start working on building a portfolio up. I've never really thought I could do this, but I need to (and want to) give it my best shot and see what happens. You only live once, might as well follow what you love and have a passion for, right?

1. Me!


2. I love you - Best baby daddy I could ask for



3. Still Laughing


4.Winter Wonderland - Winter? In Southern California? Small World all decorated for Christmas!


5.Birthday - I'm now the proud owner of a 2 year-old!


6.Friends - some of the most awesome ladies I know (taken by the hubby)


7.I Was Inspired... - gorgeous sunsets are always an inspiration.


8.Spring Fever - nothing says spring like pretty flowers


9.Travel or Vacation - At Niagara Falls


10.Summer Days - he loves the beach, just like mommy.


11.A Day In My Life - a picture of a typical day in your life.


12.All Smiles - my little guy with his cousins, smiles all around!


13.Autumn Harvest


14.Family - Taken by my awesome friend Amy ;)


15.Celebrate! - a picture that reflects a celebration.


16.Let's Do It Again... - A photo from a date night, out celebrating our 5th anniversary. I'd marry him all over again :)


17.I Miss You - Our nieces in New York, we had a blast visiting this summer.


18.Beautiful - Nothing, NOTHING, is more beautiful than this face.


19.Dress Up


20.Macro - I was torn between these two...
21.Holidays - This little technique I learned this year is lots of fun


22.My Favorite - share your favorite picture or memory from 2010 - My boys!

IMG_8718 copyw

23.Don't Ever Change - I hope he never loses this silliness, no matter how old he is.


24.Just Because...So There!


25.Hopes and Dreams - I have lots of them for the new year, one being that I continue to grow and improve in my photo skills and get the ball rolling on the business side. Wish me luck!!



Marla said...

Beautiful pictures. :)

Marla @

Anonymous said...

These are all wonderful. I love your macros. Gorgeous photos!

Flyss said...

Wow both of your macros are stunning, I love them! Have a great 2011!

Anika said...

Very sweet photos! I love your all smiles and macro image. Happy 2011!

SarahinSC said...

You have talent! I hope you pursue a career in photography. Happy 2011!

Deb said...

What a beautiful and fun group of photos! The reflections in the cat's eyes are amazing and your little fellow is adorable!

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

I'm so glad to find you through this series - your photography is gorgeous - so are you and your loved ones :-)


Ashley Sisk said...

This was really a beautiful collection - so many favorites. BTW, for some reason you hadn't been showing up in my reader so I unfollowed and followed again - I hope that resolves the problem! Can't wait to see more in 2011.

Seizing My Day said...

You take fantastic shots!~! love your macros... and your beautiful shot!

Dorian Susan said...

Lovely collection. Your boys are both adorable. I loved the holiday shot...great focus, my favorite, winter wonderland, and all smiles. Keep going...your work is lovely.

Natalie said...

Love that winter wonderland shit! Autumn Harvest is pretty cute too! :) happy 2011

Natalie said...

Omg omg ! I so totally meant ****SHOT**** Im so sorry! I am posting from an iphone and cant spell :/

Becki said...

Thanks you everyone!

Natalie- LOL! That made my day :)